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Only Ukrainian music!

Нова музика України

The freshest releases from Ukrainian musicians. The playlist is updated daily.

Українське прославлення | UA Worship

Worship Music. This is Christian music without genre restrictions, the task of which is to glorify God.

Наближаються до чарту

50 tracks from 2023 by Ukrainian musicians close to the TOP-50. Excluding those who have dropped out of the chart.

Найкраще за місяць | Україна

The best works by artists from Ukraine over the past month

Легенди української сцени

These are the ones who made the Ukrainian music scene what we know it as today

Ремікси українських пісень

The freshest remixes of songs by Ukrainian artists

Рок з України

Latest releases from rock bands in Ukraine

Український жіночий хіп-хоп

Female rap has long ceased to be something unique

Інді по-українськи

A playlist that perfectly captures Ukrainian music and its unique features

Український хіп-хоп про війну в Україні

Rap artists always express their opinions on various topics. Now they have more to say than ever.

Метал, як здоровий спосіб життя

Together with the media The Rock Spectrum selected 20 most interesting tracks 2023 from Ukrainian metal bands

Саундтреки України. Музика з кіно та серіалів

Songs by Ukrainian artists that have become soundtracks for various movies, TV shows, and series

Сум та депресія з України

The most depressing songs from Ukraine

Електронне протистояння України

Electronic tracks with traditional Ukrainian melodies and chants directed against the terrorist country

Українські пісні на фортепіано

The melodic Ukrainian language just begs to be accompanied by a piano

Пісні для підняття духу

Strong and unbreakable people of Ukraine sing about the inevitable victory

Кантрі з України

There's even room for country music in Ukraine

Пісні про кохання з України

The brightest love songs from Ukraine

Альтернативна музика без вокалу з України

Alternative compositions without vocals from Ukrainian musicians

Повернення з війни

Among the many songs about war, there are those dedicated to awaiting the return from war

BLACK metal. Нові релізи з України

All the latest releases from Ukrainian black metal bands

Родинні гармонії

Playlist featuring Ukrainian family collaborations

Українські дуети | UA duets

All duets of Ukrainian artists in 2023


Songs for concentration or meditation... if you're not in your right mind

Євробачення-2023. Лонглист Нацвідбору в Україні

Artists who made it onto the longlist for the National Selection to participate in Eurovision 2023

ТОП хіп-хопу України за версією NUAM | 2022

This is how truly high-quality Ukrainian rap sounded in 2022

ТОП 100 українською | 2022

100 most popular Ukrainian-language songs of 2022

ТОП 100 | Пісні про війну | Україна 2022

This top chart perfectly demonstrates the mood of the Ukrainian people — most of the songs in it are uplifting and cheerful

Гучні дебюти України 2023

Meet the most successful Ukrainian debutants of 2023

Нові імена України | 2023

New Ukrainian music projects with debut solo releases in 2023

Свіжі цікаві сингли України

The most interesting fresh singles from musicians in Ukraine

Пісні на вірші Тараса Шевченка

What he wrote about is still relevant to this day. That's why songs based on his poems are still being written today.

Голосно та емоційно про війну в Україні

The most powerful songs about war. Sung loudly, aggressively, and without mincing words

Рок з України. Жіночий вокал

So, what do you know about Ukrainian female rock? Probably something. But this playlist knows more.

Українці співають Україні

Tracks dedicated to Ukraine released during the full-scale war

Електронна сцена України | UA EDM

The freshest releases from Ukraine's EDM scene

METAL from Ukraine. Нові релізи

The freshest releases from Ukrainian metal bands

На двох стільцях: пісні, перекладені з російської на українську

Songs translated from russian into Ukrainian

Тільки українською

Fresh songs performed in the Ukrainian language

Україна співає англійською

Songs in English by musicians from Ukraine

Ой, у лузі червона калина

80 versions of a popular Ukrainian insurgent song

Українське звучання

Fresh releases featuring Ukrainian sound in vocals or music

Українські жінки: нова хвиля

These 200 women are currently creating a new sound for modern Ukraine

Кавери від українських музикантів | Covers UA

Ukrainian artists not only sing their own songs but also make covers of foreign musicians. They also cover their compatriots.

Незнана пустеля музики України

Songs by Ukrainian artists who debuted in 2022 but hadn't even garnered a thousand plays by the end of April 2023

Важкий рок з України англійською

"Wow, this sounds like foreign rock! Was it really made by Ukrainians?"

HIP-HOP BEATS from Ukraine

Hip-hop beats, boom bap, fusion hop, lo-fi, chillhop and more from Ukrainian producers

Drone Ambient from Ukraine

Drone — elongated background sounds with subtle tonality changes throughout the entire track

Музика Чернігівщини